The Large Acrylic Humidor Powered By Boveda Is The Clear Choice

The Large Acrylic Humidor Powered By Boveda Is The Clear Choice

The humidor is really a pretty simple concept; a storage container for your cigars. The idea is a little more sophisticated when you bring in precision temperature control and being able to maintain relative humidity necessary to prevent your cigars from deteriorating.

Beyond the basic humidor function you have size. How many cigars do you want to keep for later enjoyment? 3? 5? 50? 75? What ring gauge? Obviously size matters when discussing humidors.

A humidor’s ability to provide a tight and secure seal is also important. All the excellent humidification and temperature control technology in the world can’t help maintain your favorite smokes if the dry air in the room is seeping in and the moisture in your humidor is escaping.

Many discerning cigar aficionados prefer Spanish cedar-lined interiors. Spanish cedar is traditional and imparts a rich, lush fragrance that appeals to most smokers. Spanish cedar is also insect- and mold-resistant, both essential to maintaining the integrity of your primo cigars.

Spanish cedar serves a humidification function as well. This aromatic wood naturally seals in and maintains the humidity level in your humidor, but American cedar and Honduran mahogany are also sometimes used to line the interior of some humidors. They do impart a similar fragrance although both are thought to be inferior at maintaining humidity, preventing mold and keeping insects like the tobacco beetle, at bay.

Personal Preferences

The rest of the components of a good, solid and cigar-worthy humidor are largely personal (and budgetary!). Style of the humidor, like everything else, is completely subjective. Traditional, ornate, sleek and modern, show-stopping or understated, it’s all up to the individual for whom the humidor is intended. There are as many different humidors as there are cigar lovers.

One such humidor is Northwood’s large acrylic humidor. This beauty holds up to 75 corona-size cigars and keeps them in prime condition so they’re ready to enjoy. You might be thinking to yourself “Acrylic? But what about the Spanish cedar?” No worries, my friend! The large acrylic humidor comes with a Spanish cedar tray that’s not only removable but has two adjustable dividers to keep your stogies secure and safe.

Stunning, Sleek and Powered by Boveda

If this stunningly simple yet sleek humidor looks somewhat familiar that’s because Northwoods took over the manufacturing of Boveda’s top selling large acrylic humidor in 2022. But if you’re a tried and true fan of Boveda you needn’t worry. Production of this absolutely outstanding piece is done in collaboration with Boveda and the company’s celebrated humidification packets come with the large acrylic humidor.

So let’s take a deeper dive into Northwoods Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda, shall we?

When Boveda opted to discontinue production on their large acrylic humidor Northwoods was very happy to acquire the rights to this outstanding, high-performing piece. Acrylic humidors are durable and an excellent way to maintain the integrity of your favorite cigars short- or long-term. The Spanish cedar tray provides protection that can only come from this guardian wood. And the comforting nose appeal associated with tradition.

Reasons Our Large Acrylic Humidor is So Spectacular

The saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. We stayed true to the function and form pioneered by Boveda. That said, here's what makes this humidor so special.

Our Large Acrylic Humidor is nonporous. What better material to provide an excellent environment for your collection? There’s no seasoning required and Boveda’s humidification system takes care of the rest. And unlike glass top humidors there’s no leakage where the wood and glass meet. Our humidor is solid and solidly built with your cigar collection in mind.

Acrylic humidors are extremely durable and our exceptional model is no exception. The thick acrylic is impervious to the degradation of UV rays (although you should always keep your cigars out of direct sunlight) and doesn’t crack or fissure like wood. That means your primo collection stays primo and your Boveda humidification system maintains the ideal relative humidity necessary to keep them that way for up to twelve months.

Here are some of the many additional reasons we think you’ll love our Large Acrylic Humidor:

  • Impressive collection? Feel like showing it off? This see-through design allows you (or your friends) to view your cigars without opening the humidor and risking disrupting the precision ambient air inside.
  • Get in touch with your inner cigar artisan. The Spanish cedar removable tray allows you to age your stogies like a true craftsman. Cedars aroma imparts a subtle and traditional note reminiscent of the cedar-lined rooms in which the cigar makers age their products. The perforations in the wood allow the Boveda pure water vapor to prevent degradation.
  • The naturally tight seal of the acrylic is enhanced and supported by our magnetic closing system. This extends the performance of your Boveda packets which in turn saves you time and money.
  • Our Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor comes with 3 of Boveda’s 69% humidification packets. These packets are designed to maintain the ideal relative humidity inside your humidor, protecting your investment for up to twelve months, depending on the climate where you climate and how often you open and close your humidor.
  • We believe the number one benefit of our large acrylic humidor is the Northwoods Humidors name. We stand behind our products and provide a degree of customer service and attention that’s recognized and unmatched in our industry.

See for yourself why the Northwoods Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor, Power by Boveda is the clear choice.

16th Oct 2022 Kevin Kauzlaric

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