4 Cigar-Related Gifts for Valentines Day

4 Cigar-Related Gifts for Valentines Day

Does your valentine also have a love relationship with cigar culture? Are they a recent cigar enthusiast or a well-seasoned aficionado? No matter where on the scale of cigar passion your valentine falls suffice it to say we have the perfect cigar-related gifts for your valentine or any other red hot cigar lover.

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are just fine. Everyone appreciates a box of high-quality mouth watering chocolates and of course there are fragrances and dinners out, jewelry and that oh-so-romantic getaway. But if you really want to show your cigar-loving valentine how much you care you can never go wrong with cigar-related gifts for Valentine’s Day. Here we offer our selection for the best Valentine’s Day Gifts that say “Be Mine” in the most heartfelt way.

1. Cigar Lighters

Any devoted cigar smoker will certainly swoon over the perfect lighter. A great cigar lighter enhances the smoking experience. Cigar lovers know you don’t simply put flame to tobacco. Like any epic romance there’s a good deal of finessing involved. The smoker lets the cigar dance near the flame, encouraging the tobacco to warm, then toast then capture the fire ever-so-gently and thoroughly so the cigar burns evenly and the pleasure lasts as it is meant to.

Here are our choices for cigar lighters that are sure to declare your love.

  • Elie Bleu Madrona Burl Table Top Lighter: This is a luxury lighter that makes the statement “you’ve arrived”. Your tabletop lighter blends seamlessly with your decor and yet offers the quality, precision, durability and engineering wonder that the Elie Bleu name carries.
  • Visol Denali Torch Flame Triple Jet Cigar Lighter: When your valentine needs a light even in the windiest of conditions count on the Visol Denali. This solid metal body lighter with dual action ignition makes enjoying a good stogie anywhere and anytime possible.

2. Cigar Cutters

Even the most seasoned cigar aficionado values a good assortment of cutters. The cigar cutters primary function is to facilitate a clean, even cut so that the act of smoking is as slow and easy as desired. There are many styles and types of cigar cutters that reflect your beloved’s personal sense of style. If your cigar loving valentine prefers a cigar punch that penetrates the tip of the cigar we’ve included those as well.

  • Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter: Xikar is a very popular brand of cutter. And why not? They offer the hardest and sharpest blades you can find and deliver an excellent even slice through your cigar without damage to your perfect stogie’s integrity. The nylon-fiberglass composite body and sexy shape ensure a fit and form that echos your valentine’s style.
  • Xikar Xi3 Mayan 3D Guillotine Double-Blade Cutter: The sheer beauty of the Mayan design echoes the indigenous peoples who perfected the art of cigar we know today. Beautiful and intricately designed the iconic Xikar teardrop shape and durable blades provide an exact cut time after time.
  • Zino Davidoff Z9 Punch Cigar Cutter:The Davidoff name is synonymous with extreme quality in cigar culture. Here is a cigar punch that is as functional as it is sleek and stylish. Compact and easy-to-use the punch cutter has a stylish two-tone design and sports the Zino logo. For your valentine’s convenience the cutter attaches to a keychain so its always up for a good time.

3. Cigar Ashtrays

A beautiful cigar ashtray isn’t simply a place to set your stogie but offers an opportunity to display a world class objet d’art. Consider the ashtray as something that will be in full view of those allowed into your cigar-loving valentine’s intimate inner sanctum. The ashtray should impress for its design as much as its heirloom quality.

  • Elie Bleu Flor de Alba Porcelain Ashtray:With the colorful throwback design rendered on Limoges porcelain this ashtray is the real deal when it comes to prestige and heirloom quality. Aa an eye-catching conversation piece and a reflection of dedication to the art of cigar your valentine is sure to delight in for years to come.
  • Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow Ashtray with Cutter and Punch: This is a multi-purpose, all in one ashtray from the dynamic duo of Serop Beylarian and Kurken Berksanlar. The sunny yellow collaborative design incorporates a modern and stunning edge with the practicality of cutter and punch incorporated into the ashtray. This multifaceted cigar-related gift is sure to please your valentine over and over again.
  • Visol Ramses Heavy Duty Crystal 4-Cigar Ashtray: With a classic and traditional-yet-modern crystal ashtray like this, which accommodates up to four cigars, you can’t go wrong. Whether your cigar-lover lover is traditional or modern in style they are sure to fall in love with this beautiful crystal ashtray.

4. Cigar Humidors

Without a doubt one of the best cigar-related gifts for Valentine’s Day is a humidor. Every cigar lover appreciates a good humidor and no matter how many humidors the object of your affection may have, another one is always appreciated. Here we offer our selections, as the foremost authority in all things humidor and cigar accessory, for humidors that are sure to hit like cupid’s arrow.


If you want to capture the heart of the serious cigar collector then a cabinet style humidor is the way to go. The cabinet humidor combines the function of cigar keeping with a stylish piece of furniture. They offer the opportunity to perfectly age your cigars and accommodate anywhere from 100 to thousands of excellent cigars.

  • Quality Importers Mahogany 150 Cigar Humidor Cabinet Display: Don’t let the value of this gorgeous mahogany humidor fool you-it’s an excellent quality piece. Sophisticated and practical, the gorgeous mahogany exterior with glass front surrounds a Spanish cedar interior with trays capable of keeping and displaying up to 150 corona size cigars (more or less for other ring gauges). The stately glass and brass hygrometer lets you judge the relative humidity level within.
  • Prestige Santiago 700 Cigar Cabinet: For the serious-minded cigar collector this beautiful walnut finish end table design is as impressive as it is functional. The glass top allows you to admire your collection and the state-of-the-art Spanish cedar lined interior keeps your cigars ready to enjoy whenever the desire strikes.


There are so many excellent quality desktop humidors to choose from that we always have a difficult time just selecting a few. Please peruse our vast selection for yourself and find the humidor that fans the flame of love for your valentine.

  • Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda: This modern and stylish humidor utilizes the cutting edge power of Boveda to ensure your sweetheart’s stogies are kept in perfect smoking condition. The interior of Spanish cedar and the tight sealing acrylic exterior combine in this truly unique humidor.

Need More Inspiration?

There you have it-our suggestions for cigar-related gifts for Valentine’s Day. Take our word for it; these gifts have more power when it comes to stirring the heart of your favorite cigar lover than any love potion. If you still need inspiration please check out all that we have to offer for cigar lovers everywhere at Northwoods Humidors. 

1st Feb 2024 Colleen D.

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